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At SHELTER STATION™ we take great pride in our product, and as a symbol of confidence offer the following conditional warranties on our large model products:

Frame - 10 Years from date of invoice

Covers – 5 Years from date of invoice

We are confident that with correct installation and maintenance, our products will provide many years of valuable use. To ensure your SHELTER STATION™ product is eligible for our warranty program, we require photos taken at the time of installation and emailed to  We require the photos to ensure that assembly is correct and provide feedback if not, which will help prevent future problems caused by incorrect assembly.  At this stage we will confirm the warranty.

These are genuine straight-line diminishing value warranties.  For example, if the shelter has been assembled for one year and then you experience a problem, we will replace the cover for 20% of its retail value plus freight.

If you have any further questions about our warranty program, please do not hesitate to email us at